Magik Beauty International is an avant-garde company that opened on August 2008 offering top of the line hair care products that provide immediate beauty in a healthy way to national and international markets.

Magik Beauty Headquarters are located in Miami, home of South Florida’s international showcase for style, beauty, and fashion and the gateway to the Americas and the world.

The foundation of our company has been our Keratin treatment, which was the first to be launched in the U.S. Market without formaldehyde. The excellence of our core product made us grow and develop a whole new line for the maintenance and extension of the keratin treatment effects. Today, Magik Beauty counts with 5 lines including Magik Beauty, Magik Beauty for Men, Magik Beauty Extra Curly, MB Premium and Magik Beauty Volumizing.

Our products are made with high quality ingredients that combine a special blend of proteins, nutrients and vitamins for the protection, rehabilitation and overall improvement of the hair, especially the one that has been damaged by climate conditions, chemical treatments, styling procedures and age. We provide solutions for all hair types with a breakthrough technology that is easy to apply and to style.

We invest in first class innovation to be on top of industry trends and developments for the women and men of today. Magik Beauty International participates every year in the biggest beauty and cosmetic conventions and events around the world to provide our customers with the latest advances in hair care treatments.

Get the hair you have always dreamed of while protecting the life of your hair.

Welcome to great looking hair that speaks for itself. Welcome to Magik Beauty International.

Mission: Provide instant beauty to all hair types in a healthy way through state of the art products that use high quality components and provide excellent results.

Vision: To keep improving, renovating, and creating innovative hair care products that fulfill the necessities of all our clients.