Keratin For Men



The Keratin for Men smooths hair in a natural way leaving it manageable, hydrated and full of shine. This straightening treatment is healthy for the hair because it is a Formaldehyde-Free product. The Keratin for Men is an Instant Keratin. It is washed out the same day in comparison to the Formaldehyde-Free Keratin which is washed out after 3 days. This product is specifically formulated for men.




This product is harmless for the health of its users and stylists.

Leaves hair healthy because it is a formaldehyde-free product.

Easy application.

Reduces styling time.

No waiting time for shampooing. You can shampoo hair the same day!

The results are immediate and impressive.

It gives you all the benefits of the regular Formaldehyde-Free Keratin plus the benefits of the 
Instant Keratin.

It nourishes hair with nutrients and vitamins.


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