MB Premium - Duo Clarifying Shampoo + BTX4HAIR Capillary treatment

MB Premium - Duo Clarifying Shampoo + BTX4HAIR Capillary treatment

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Get our bundle of Clarifying Shampoo and BTX4HAIR Capillary Treatment. This Bundle is perfect for hair stylist; it includes: 

  • Clarifying Shampoo which is a primary product for hair treatments. It cleanses and open up the hair cuticles and make them ready for the Keratin treatment. gently cleans and soothes your hair, while removing impurities from the inside out.
  • MB Premium BTX4HAIR tREATMENT: a rejuvenator that moisturizes, revitalizes and gives manageability and shine to each strand of hair. This product is highly recommended for sun damage, chemicals, bleached processed and colored hair. it will repair damaged or unbroken hair strands with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients including beeswax and lavender oil. 


  • It will hidrate, nourish and repair hair strands from its cortex 
  • Eliminates freeze 
  • Adds Softness and high gloss to the hair. 
  • Works on all types of hair: curly, smooth, thick, gray, blond and others.